Why Cricket Is Being A Famous Game In India?

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India is a different country, where fulfilling people need and thoughts are very challenging. So, many wonder how a single game becomes a monopoly among millions of people. To know the complete picture of this game, we need to time travel to 1920. During this period India was ruled by the British government, where the Britishers use to play some games which are famous in their territory. As these game were played by elite people, this created a myth among people that cricket and polo are for elite people’s & also they are known as elite games.

After independence Indians started playing this cricket to show that they too can play an elite game, but the truth is that it’s not an elite game, which is being understood by Indians in later on period. Now cricket is being the most expensive game, India spends most of there sports fund in cricket. Due to a large amount of money flow this game paved way for many businesses like

Fantasy cricket
Coaching Centres

You people came across the above things which are very common, but fantasy cricket was a well-planned business. So here is the secret of how fantasy cricket works

Fantasy cricket is a planned strategy where you can set your own team. When your team performed as per your plan then you can rank yourself in the top of the competition, then you will get rewarded by huge money. So, here the question is who gonna pay you? To play fantasy cricket, you need to pay somewhere around 50 – 10,000 INR, to start your play. Here 1000s of people pay some money to start there won a personalized game. So the fantasy cricket company get millions of money from its players and pay back some percentage of the money to the few thousands of top winners, this brings crores and crores of profit for these companies.

This is a kind of web application or mobile application through which you can play these games. This company also allows you to play football, hockey, and other famous games which have millions of followers. So, cricket is not just a single flow game, this creates plenty of branches where 1000 of new games evolves day by day by implementing some new ideas and fulfilling the demand.

So here are some famous app that let you play this game

Dream 11
cricket buzz

You have some 1000 of websites coming up nowadays, but you need to choose some reputed websites to play your game.

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